Solar Power Plants

AAPL provides not only EPC services but also aids its customers with consulting services for setting up power plants. Its services include Feasibility study, Solar Power plant design, Project implementation and Project Commissioning.


Solar Rooftop

Rooftop solar panel depends on the ability of the solar cells to harness the energy of the sun and convert it to electricity. It is a type of semiconductor that is made from conductive materials such as silicon.


Solar Water Pumping System

This electricity will now help in running the motor pump set. The pumping system draws water from any sources of water available in the area like well or reservoirs for irrigation and drinking purposes.


Solar Street Lighting System

Solar Street Lighting System (SSL) is an ideal lighting system for illumination of street lights, squares, cross roads, etc of villages/farm houses/ parking lots/ residential societies etc.


Solar Home Lighting System

Solar Home lighting system is a one stop solution to all your power problems. The device is compact, portable and easily mountable.The best part is that the system is economical and is available with easy-to-install kit.


Grid Power Pack

Grid power packs refer to a power system that generates electricity from solar arrays and stores this electricity in batteries. The stored energy is used to charge inverters.

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